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Keyword Research

Is your website not ranking as high as you would like? You may need to choose different focus keywords. I use multiple tools to better understand how competitive each keyword is, then optimize your content for the keywords most relevant to your business.

  • Keyword list
  • Google Autocomplete
  • Keyword competition
  • LSI Keywords
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Yoast Settings

Before getting the full advantage of Yoast SEO, you first need to configure the search engine optimization settings. I will use the same setup that I have on my website that has been helping me rank higher for all my posts.

  • Webmaster Tools setup
  • Setup SEO Titles
  • Social media optimization
  • Prevent duplicate content
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Speed Optimization

Website speed is important for appearing higher in search engine results page. Speed is a primary ranking factor in Google and it also improves website conversion rates. Using my speed optimization techniques, you will notice your website load much faster.
  • Optimize WordPress Database
  • Minify JS/CSS
  • Enable GZIP compression
  • Upgrade to latest PHP Version
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Google Search Console

Identifying technical website errors is a great step forward to help your viewers use a properly working website. I can fix any issues that show on Google Search Console and help improve the website SEO ranking by eliminating these issues.
  • Fix crawl errors
  • Submit Yoast sitemap to Google
  • Analytics on keywords
  • Resolve mobile, security, and indexing errors
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Google Analytics

Knowing which pages are performing well and which need improvements is a key factor in knowing how to go about handling your business ranking. Google Analytics allows us to tweak the results based on user location to show specific data.
  • Referring sources
  • Defined data based on mediums
  • Content performance metrics
  • Fine tune your website
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Google Maps (Local)

I focus a lot of my time in getting your business to rank higher in Google Maps. I use Google’s local ranking factors to optimize your company / business pages and beat your competition.

Helpful hint: Proximity and keyword in business title count for 25% of ranking 😉

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