SEO Strategist & WordPress / Front-End Web Developer Fisnik Deshishku

Fisnik Deshishku

SEO Strategist & WordPress / Front-End Web Developer

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About Me

Proficient web developer with over 5 years of experience in structuring, developing and implementing interactive websites. Innovative use of technology and on-page SEO to drive traffic and engage users. Able to complete projects efficiently and satisfy customers with attractive, user friendly websites. Possess strong analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to make well thought out decisions. Highly adaptable to changing requirements and situations.

  • Wells Fargo Tech Summit responsive web design

    Wells Fargo Tech Summit

  • Wells Fargo Higher Education Series responsive design

    Wells Fargo Higher Education Series

  • Wells Fargo Fx Risk Management responsive design

    Wells Fargo FX Risk Management

  • Evan Moshinsky responsive web design

    Evan Moshinsky Resume Website

  • Wells Fargo Equipment Finance responsive web design

    Wells Fargo Equipment Finance

  • Seawings Seaplane Tours responsive web design

    Seawings Seaplane Tours

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  • 5
    Fisnik was great at talking with us to understand exactly what needed to be done and he worked efficiently to optimize our site speed performance.
    Iny Anders
  • 5
    Fisnik is extremely professional and understanding of deadlines. He worked with us to get a large project of ours done in a short amount of time. He is very quick to communicate and always updates with his progress so that we feel included every step of the way. His work is excellent and polished.
    Jamieson W D
  • 5
    Fisnik is a professional developer and has great expertise in his mentioned services. Looking forward to working with him on future projects.
    Frahan Ahsan
  • 5
    Outstanding experience! Fisnik worked closely with me to do all the required modifications requested. Highly recommend and I will do business with him again in the future.

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