SEO Strategist & WordPress / Front-End Web Developer

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A growth oriented digital marketer with over 8 years of experience implementing high-impact digital strategies. Leading search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns and developing a keyword strategy to implement a search engine optimized (SEO) content writing process that drives paid and organic traffic. Engaging site users by efficiently developing modern, interactive & attractive, user friendly websites. Possess strong analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to make well thought out decisions. Highly adaptable to changing environments and situations.

Fisnik Deshishku

SEO Strategist & WordPress / Front-End Web Developer Fisnik Deshishku

Fisnik Deshishku

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Web & Advertising Solutions


A website design that strengthens your company’s brand while ensuring an effective user experience (UX) for your audience.


Coding the web design as a custom WordPress theme or standard HTML and test functionality across popular browsers of user interactions.


Researched digital marketing trends to ensure that new customers are able to find your business through organic keyword ranking.

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